Zoning Regulations

Town of Plainville GIS (1)I know, it sounds intimidating, but it is easier than most people think.  In each township there are specific regulations in place that guide home owners as to the placement of their storage shed.  There are a few reasons that towns do so.

First off they want to be sure that you are not too close to your property line.  With this rule it ensures you can easily access all sides of the building.  Most towns are 5′ to 10′ off the line, but there are some that have rear set backs as high as 25′, and side set backs as far as 30′!

Rest assured there are ways around this.  In every town you can apply for what is called a variance if you feel that the required set back is not feasible.  The town will require you to attend a meeting in which you have the opportunity to plead your hardship(key word being hardship).  In my experience there are very few instances in which people are denied one.

The other reason towns like a permit is to ensure that the building is constructed properly.  They may ask you for a copy of building plans and a certificate of insurance from the builder, both of which Pine Creek Structures has readily available for you.

The final most popular reason that a town requires permits is to ensure citizens are not constructing huge accessory structures in their back yards.  Many towns will regulate the size based on either your residential zoning district or a proportion of the size of your property.

The best part is most of this information is online.  You can access your towns’ zoning requirements with a simple Google search.  You can also access most plot plans by Googling for example, Town of Plainville GIS.  This will bring you to the zoning aspect of your towns layout showing everything from wetlands, property lines, to water easements.

Per CT Building Code, accessory structures under 200 square feet do not require a building permit.  However there is a 99% chance that the town will require a Zoning Permit.  At Pine Creek Structures, we do not require a zoning permit as it is the consumers responsibility to ensure that they are in compliance with all local building codes.  We do encourage our customers to take the correct approach as it is always better to do things right the first time, then deal with potential fines at a later date.

If there is any doubt in your mind as to what steps need to be taken, we have over 35 retail locations throughout CT, NY, PA, OH, MD, NJ, VA, WV, and NC who are at your disposable.  So stop by one of our convenient locations and see how we can help you in any way possible.
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