Fresh Eggs

EggsMore and more people are becoming interested in raising their own chickens. It proves to be a great hobby, and one that offers some beneficial aspects. As a result the industry has seen a significant increase in chicken coop sales over the past year.

You may ask yourself why would you want chickens, what the benefits are, or how much work it is to take care of them. Chickens are a great asset. For starters, as they roam about your yard, they eat flees, mosquitoes, and a variety of other insects. They also provide a great form of fertilizer as they explore your property.

Once your chickens are older, and you switch their food to start producing eggs, it is time to build a nesting box. The nesting box is where your hens will go to lay their eggs. Up to 8 chickens will share the same box, so it is not necessary for you to build one per chicken.

Each chicken on average will lay an egg a day. The amount of eggs produced is directly related to the amount of daylight that they receive. If you provide your chickens with a timed light in the winter months, they will still yield the same amount of eggs.

The egg itself is far different from the store bought egg. When you crack open an egg from your local market the yoke is a pale yellow. When you do the same with a fresh egg, the yoke is orange. The reason is most egg producers keep their chickens confined in small cages, and do not allow them to spend time outside in natural light. By interacting with the outdoors, it increased the health of the chicken, which in turn increased the health of the produced eggs.

Many do not know this, but you do not need a rooster for chickens to lay, only to fertilize the egg to produce more chicks. You also do not need a large coop as 4×4 coops can hold up to 10 chickens, 4×6 up to 15 chickens, and 6×8 up to 25 chickens.

If you have any questions, please send us a message on facebook – Pine Creek Structures Plaiville, or come to a Pine Creek location today and find the coop that fits your needs.

Enjoying fresh eggs,

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