Earning Trust

TrustTrust is one of the most important things in every aspect of our lives.  From our spouses to children, from bosses to employees, it plays a great role in how we make our day to day decisions.  What many people never ask themselves, is do my customers trust what I am saying?  Do my customers truly believe that I am presenting a product that is in their best interest?  How do we ensure that the message is conveyed?

When I stated out in my career it was with a person that is now a very close friend to me; Kevin Martin.  We were tasked with traveling throughout New England, NY, and NY promoting a chain of retail stores at concerts, sporting events, and other grass root campaigns.  The previous people who held this position were frequently terminated, as one of the Marketing Managers could never trust them.  As a result we made an agreement with one other, to always be upfront and honest in all business transactions.  This was the cornerstone on which by career has since been built.

When a customer comes to your place of business you have one chance to make a positive first impression.  You are either going to come off like the stereotypical used car salesman, or develop an early trust with them.  When you form a truthful bond with a client, they will buy from you.  If you fail to do so they will move on to the next company until they feel comfortable with the individual that they are dealing with.

It is no different within our personal lives.  We will gravitate to those we trust, those that will be there for us when we need them.  Now ask yourself, are you there when your customers need you?  Do you take the time to listen to their needs, and present them with a product that will fit their needs, and address their problems?  Or are you looking for the fast sale to hit your numbers and then moving on to the next customer.

One thing I can promise, people who trust you, will buy more than once.  They will refer friends and family, stop in to see how things are going in your life, and literally be a walking advertisement either for or against you.

I make it a point to deal honestly with my customers, coworkers, friends, and family.  If I can not sell a product without lying, then that is the day I will resign.  It is more important to be trusted and treat people fairly, how you would want to be treated, than it is to make money,  Earn their trust, and you will have a customer for life.

That is why we are dedicated to actually helping our customers with their needs.  Rather than present a product that will not help them in the future, Pine Creek Structures cultivates relationships that are long term which will bear fruit for everyone.  Stop by a Pine Creek location today, and see how we can help you with storage and outdoor furniture needs.

Be well,

Doug Marcarelli

CT Business Manager

Pine Creek Structures, Pine Creek Construction
Rt. 10 & Northwest Drive

P.O. Box 122

Plainville, CT

o – 203.548.7355

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